warren generationsThe Warren family and their passion for produce

Ever since Nathan Warren first immigrated to the U.S. at the beginning of the 20th century, the Warren family has been involved in the production and marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Starting out with a horse drawn delivery cart in Providence, Rhode Island, Nathan expanded his wholesale distribution business to include facilities throughout the Northeastern U.S..
Son David was intrigued with farming from the beginning.  After an eye-opening road trip in 1938, in which he visited farms and markets across the U.S., David permanently joined the company and eventually took over.  In the 1970’s, David and his family lived in both Haiti and Guatemala, while he assisted the U.S. government in developing new crops for export from those countries.  His experience there led him to open Central American Produce, and establish his own farming operation.
Grandson Michael now runs the company, which is in its 5th decade.  Over the years, CAPCO Farms/Central American Produce has expanded its product line, offering an array of fruits and vegetables from many regions.  Michael’s vision is to help young people learn from an early age to eat healthier, and educate consumers in general about the health benefits of some of the new and exciting foods now available.

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