Growing with Passion!

Our Mission
“To Improve the Lives of Those We Feed and of Those Who Feed Us”

As a produce grower and distributor, we are passionate about farming.  Since 1976, we have safely delivered nutritious foods to the tables of millions of consumers, contributing to their healthier lifestyles and well-being.  In the process, we have improved the living conditions of thousands of hard working grower families who share our passion for consistently delivering to our customers fruits and vegetables of exceptional quality.  At CAPCO Farms, we are in a constant quest to catalyze positive change in our communities, meeting the challenge to improve the lives of those we feed and of those who feed us.   

Our Vision
“To be the Partner of Choice”
Our vision is to be the Partner of Choice of our growers and customers.  We will achieve our vision by setting the standard by which quality and service are measured in the produce distribution industry.

Our Guiding Principles
“Hands On” Expertise.  Growing, packing, transportation, warehousing, sales and marketing, research and development, administration.  For every link in our industry value chain, we are committed to delivering unmatched expertise to our customers and growers, and to understanding our product categories better than anybody else in the industry.   To that end, we commit significant resources to training our people.  We view this investment as an enabler of not just a competitive edge, but of a long-term sustainable advantage.

Quality on a Consistent Basis.  We are committed to continuously improving our internal capabilities to ensure that we not only meet but consistently exceed our customers’ quality expectations and safety standards.

Commitment to Service Excellence.  At CAPCO Farms, we have high expectations of excellence in customer service:

  • We believe that the small things are what create customer service excellence; paying attention to the details is in our DNA
  • We guarantee our customers prompt response and resolution to their needs and concerns
  • We go out of our way to help our customers and our fellow employees
  • We are persistent in obtaining the best outcomes for our growers

Integrity.  Since 1976, we have upheld an industry-wide reputation of unwavering commitment to the highest standards of integrity.  If ever in doubt, we let this commitment guide our actions.

Partnership.  We have a track record of standing with our business partners, even during difficult times.  We are proud of our long-standing relationships with all our growers and customers and are committed to building on a foundation of mutual trust and respect to celebrate future success.

Commitment to Our People.  We take great care in hiring and developing only the best – individuals whose character is defined by their unquestionable integrity, their work ethic, their service orientation, and their willingness to put the team ahead of themselves.

Because we believe that our team is the best in the industry, we are committed to fostering a working environment recognized for its fairness, inclusion, and unmatched growth possibilities.  We want CAPCO Farms to be a place where human beings come not just to do a job, but build their life’s work.

Communication.  At CAPCO Farms we believe that transparency and continuous feedback are powerful agents of improvement.  Our ability to grow depends on constantly reassessing the way we do business, so we go out of our way to seek feedback from our growers, our customers, and our employees.

Innovation.  As industry pioneers in production and marketing programs, we are committed to unlocking value through innovation:  from the way we grow our products and manage our supply chain, to the way we market and package our products.  We embrace technology as a key enabler of innovation.

Social Responsibility.  Because we are key players in an industry that touches so many lives, we hold ourselves and our ambitions to a high standard of leadership.  We lead with our commitment to making a lasting, positive impact in our communities, and we will continue to do so with compassion and a deep sense of responsibility.