galiaGalia Melon FLAVOR – Hints of peach and honeysuckle, with a sweet and unique melon flavor
RIPE WHEN – Light aroma, gentle give at stem end
USES – Serve cold, or in salads

The Galia melon has a yellow to orange skin that is covered in light golden-tan netting. Its flesh is pale green with a succulent texture that has a signature spicy sweet flavor with tropical and perfumed aromatics. Unlike many other melon varieties the tenderness of the stem end of the melon is not a good indicator of ripeness; rather ripeness should be determined by color and development of a distinct musky aroma. The more orange in color the exterior skin of the Galia melon the higher the sugar content of the melon’s flesh will be.


golden honeydewGolden Honeydew Melon FLAVOR – Sweet like a honeydew, but lighter
RIPE WHEN – Heady aroma, gentle give at blossom end.  Random “netting” on the skin means sweeter!
USES – Most popular fresh and cold, great in salads or as a chilled soup

The Golden honeydew melon has a similar shape and texture to the common honeydew. Its most obvious difference is its bright golden-hued skin.  Its flesh is succulent, velvety and sweet. A faint aroma and a slight opening at its blossom end will also indicate ideal ripeness. Add chopped to cold soups and salads or serve alongside yogurt or cottage cheese. Puree and use to make sauces, smoothies and cocktails. Its sweet flavor is complemented by cucumber, mint, basil, citrus, red onion, blueberries, mango, robust cheeses, salted meats, honey, cream, black pepper and balsamic vinegar.

Specialty Melon Preparation & Nutrition Facts