FLAVOR – Mild “honey-like” taste
RIPE WHEN – Sweet aroma, gentle give at blossom end and a waxy feel to the rind.  Random “netting” on the skin means sweeter!
USES – Great cold and fresh, in a chilled soup, in shakes, smoothies, with yogurt, as part of an appetizer assortment, frozen, in ice creams or sorbets

Honeydew is commonly found in supermarkets across the world alongside cantaloupe melons and watermelons.  Look for honeydew melons with a creamy white or pale cream rind. You should be able to smell the melon’s aroma if it’s fully ripened. If it’s not quite ripe, let the melon sit at room temperature for a few days. Ripe honeydew is most often enjoyed fresh, but it also works well in cold soup. Honeydew, grapes and walnuts pair well with chicken salad. Honeydew is a low-calorie and healthy choice any time you need to feed a craving for sweets.

Honeydew Preparation & Nutrition Facts