Seedlings in the Greenhouse
Covered Melon Field
Pest-resistant Covering
Mango Tree Bearing Fruit
Washing Mangos Before Packing
Check out that rich, volcanic soil!
Seedlings Basking in the Sun
Mangos ready to harvest
Brad checking the melon field
Almost time to harvest mangos
Watermelon Field Canopy

Our farms and packing facilities are all certified for food safety by either Primus Labs or GLOBALG.A.P.

Since we first started growing on our own farms in 1976, it has been our policy to

  • Introduce the concept of sustainable farming and share our knowledge with locals who also want to farm
  • Maintain an Integrated Pest Management program to naturally ward off unwanted pests
  • Regularly add nutrients to the soil to maintain texture, drainage and proper mineral levels
  • Use well-water irrigation only, to avoid depletion of local resources
  • Continuously replace organic matter in our fields by use of rotation crops to assist in soil replenishment
  • Provide financial support to the elementary school in Ipala, Guatemala.
  • Ensure our farm workers have access to health insurance, personal savings plans, and a great variety of fresh foods.
  • Donate funds to local community services, including local traditional fairs, sporting events and town maintenance projects.