cantaloupe nutrition2Cantaloupe Preparation

Good-quality Cantaloupe will have large webbing or netting on the skin, will have yellow/orange coloring and be slightly soft on the stem end (firm elsewhere). They will also have a good Cantaloupe smell on the stem end (if it is not too cold), and the scar at the stem end should be a smooth and well-rounded cavity. Finally, you can hear the seeds rattle inside a juicy melon when shaken. Often, melons will have a decidedly bleached side that rested on the soil - this does not affect the quality of the melon.

1. Wash outside of cantaloupe thoroughly in warm soapy water prior to cutting
2. Cut cantaloupe in half
3. Scoop seed out of the middle of each half
4. Cut halves into slices
5. Remove flesh from skin
6. Cut into bite-size chunks